Shakespeare’s Sister or La Vie Matérielle

In a timeless kitchen, as they chop vegetables and prepare a soup, five women, laugh, sing, dance and above all exchange ideas using the words of Virgina Woolf and Marguerite Duras, in perfect harmony, to talk about their daily existence. About what it is to be women, mothers and artists. This imaginary kitchen brings us back to our mothers, our childhood, our relationship with the “material life”. An astonishing theatre piece, moving, witty and deeply touching.


Starring: Lara Guirao, Mireille Maalouf, Sadie Jemmett, Isabelle Townsend, Ysé Tran.
Design and props: Noëlle Ginefri, Philippe Jasko, Jean-Luc Tourné.
Lighting: Alexandre Toscani.
Costumes: Élisa Octo.
Production: Théâtre National de Nice-CDN Nice Côte d’Azur.

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The Blacksmith’s Girl

OUT NOW on iTunes and CD

The Blacksmith’s Girl is Sadie Jemmett’s debut album, released in Oct 2011.

Listen to the album (below) and check out the following reviews:

  “Wowed us all – Record of the week” – Hit Sheet
  “Confessional and cathartic” – Uncut
  “Moving and beautiful” – Acoustic Magazine
  “Lovely and compelling” – Judy Collins
  “A long time coming” ★★★★1/2 – Maverick Magazine
  “Beautifully honest style & skills” ★★★★ – Belfast Telegraph
  “A joy from start to finish” – Classic Rock Society

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London Love Songs

Coming in April 2015

London Love Songs is Sadie Jemmett’s second album, coming in April 2015.

Ten tracks featuring ‘London Love Songs’, ‘Adventures In Sobriety’, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Stay’.



The Blacksmith’s Girl

Listen to ‘The Blacksmith’s Girl’ with commentary by Sadie

London Love Songs

Preview the title track from Sadie’s upcoming 2015 album, London Love Songs.

Sadie Abbey Road

Sadie Jemmett on ‘London Love Songs’

London Love Songs started off as a collection of songs about my life as a working mother playing and living in London, England.

The recordings began their life with a few hours of studio time in the very magical Abbey Road Studio 2 with some exceptionally talented and generous friends.

My ambition was to record as many songs as possible in the alotted time with just my voice and guitar. I remember thinking “how the hell am I gonna get all these songs done in such a short time?” – but somehow I was carried along, the words “stop thinking about it and just get on with it!” kept coming to me again and again. There are some great vibes in that room.

From there I took the recordings down to a little studio in an Oast House, deep in the Kent countryside where, for the next year or so, I worked on and off with my good friend and producer John McBurnie.

I have been so lucky, so many people have shown such love and goodwill and desire to be involved in this album. I feel that it has been a truly communal effort and that the album belongs to everyone involved.

Unlike ‘The Blacksmith’s Girl’, which I recorded in just two weeks and is a very personal and acoustic record, ‘London Love Songs’ is a much fuller album and has taken over a year to make, involving so many people!

It has been an incredible journey and I hope you enjoy the songs.



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